Moving and zooming the image

  • Pan to move the image.
  • Pinch to zoom in/out.
  • Long press to zoom in (you may change the position while zooming).
  • Double tap to zoom in (zoom x2).
  • Long press the 'zoom-out' button for an immediate zoom out.

Real time zoom video

  • Tap the 'zoom-in' button to start a real time zoom in video (or 'zoom-out' button for a zoom out video).
  • Tap the screen to stop the video (you may also stop by pressing the button again).
  • Pan to move the image while zooming.
  • Switch the 'screen rotation' button for controlling the position using the device's accelerometer. The 'screen rotation' button is visible only during a real time video.
  • You may change the real time video options (including zoom speed) in the Settings / Auto zoom.

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