Basic customization

  • Tap the 'Fractal' button to select a fractal type. After changing a fractal type the app will restore your last position in that fractal type.
  • Tap the 'Brush' button to select a paint mode. The results of applying a paint mode may vary depending on the fractal type and the particular location. You may get different patterns than the examples presented on the paint mode list.
  • Tap the 'Palette' button to select a color palette. You may choose from the list of built-in palettes or create your own custom palettes.

Controlling the palette parameters

  • Tap the 'Spanner' button to open the Palette control menu:
    • Check 'Auto' to let the app hide the scrollbar and automatically control the palette.
    • Uncheck 'Auto' to show the scrollbar for manual control over the palette (and unlock the other options).
    • Select 'Length' for controlling the palette length with the scrollbar.
    • Select 'Offset' for controlling the palette offset with the scrollbar.
    • Use 'Adjust' to automatically set the palette length and offset once (without hiding the scrollbar).
  • Use the scrollbar (when visible) to change the palette length or offset (the app applies the changes to the image without recomputing). Increase the palette length when you see too many details and the picture gets unclear.
  • The app automatically adjusts the palette after each paint mode change. You may turn this off in the Settings / Image rendering / Palette adjusting.

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