You may switch to the Advanced mode (and back to the Simple mode) in the Settings / Appearance / Advanced mode. In the Advanced mode you get access to the features described below.

The Interior painting

In the Advanced mode you may apply paint modes to the fractal's interior (normally painted solid black or white):

  • After tapping the 'Brush' button you will be prompted to choose between changing the Exterior paint mode or the Interior paint mode.
  • After tapping the 'Palette' button you will be prompted to choose between changing the Exterior palette or the Interior palette (there is no prompt if the Interior paint mode is set to None).
  • The Palette control menu will contain two sections for controlling Exterior palette and Interior palette.

Controlling the iteration limit

In the Advanced mode you may use a scroll bar to control the iteration limit (and the fractal interior boundary). The scrollbar has it's own 'Spanner' button which allows you to choose between:

  • Controlling the Detail level which means that the maximum iteration number is equal the minimum iteration number within the image plus the given number. This is the default setting which allows the app to gradually unveil the fractal details as the user moves (or zooms) to the location with higher iteration number. This can improve the performance (mostly at low zoom levels with big interior areas).
  • Controlling the Iteration limit directly. This setting may be better for the Interior painting as it ensures that the border between the exterior and the interior is stable. The app automatically switches to the Iteration limit control when you change the Interior paint mode from None to any other value (you may turn this off in the Settings / Image rendering / Interior stabilization). This setting can also be helpful for rendering the image of a fractal area with the iteration number span greater than 10000 (as maximum Detail level is 10000).

Higher iteration limit allows you to see more details at some spots but at the expense of slower computation. On the other hand there are locations where you may produce nice images by limiting iterations.

In the Simple mode the app always uses the Detail level control with the value of 250 (20 for Collatz).

Controlling the palette scale

In the Advanced mode the Palette control menu contains additional option 'Scale' which may help you to adjust the palette, especially at high zoom levels when the value ranges may be very narrow. The scale is not available for the Classic paint mode (as it is not needed).

In the Simple mode the palette scale is always set to 1e-3 (except Auto palette control when the app may use different values when necessary but does not display the value).

Advanced built-in locations

In the Advanced mode the list of stored locations contains additional 'Advanced' (or 'Adv.') tab containing example locations using advanced features.

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