MandelBrowser 2.0 update


Finally, a new version of MandelBrowser is available with a lot of new features:

  • 40 fractal types: Mandelbrot, Burning Ship, Phoenix, Collatz, Newton, Nova, Lyapunov and many more (including 2 fractal types hidden to be unlocked),
  • 10 various paint modes (including Stripe Average, Triangle Inequality and Curvature Average),
  • a fractal interior painting,
  • the set of built-in palettes and the palette editor,
  • precise palette control (length, scale, offset),
  • automatic palette adjusting for a better experience,
  • real time zoom video with auto guiding to avoid areas with no details,
  • moving the image during a zoom video (also using the device's accelerometer),
  • saving images.

Here is the Tutorial.

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